Providing Professional Celebration Of Life Services


Hello Wayne,
I'm a believer in letting people know when they've done a good job. So Wayne, you did a Fabulous job for Ray Ozols. It was so good, that a friend who was sitting beside me asked if you were a best friend of Ray, to which I replied, "no he's the Minister". I just wanted to say that many, many people commented on what a great job you had done. Also someone said, "normally you can't wait until it's over, but you left them wanting more. Again, great job!

Dear Wayne,

Just wanted to say how lovely the service was. My entire family was so pleased with the way you handled a very emotional day. You kept reminding us how beautiful Mother's life was and what a valuable person she was to all who knew her. We really appreciated your words and wanted to thank you.
Donna Robertson

Hi Wayne,
My name is Debbie English and you were the celebrant at my mother-in-laws funeral today. May I say that it was a wonderful service that you preformed for our family. I had other people mention to me that they thought you were awesome , so Thank you .
Thank you once again for your inspirational words.

Dear John,
Athina and I would like to thank you for conducting the service for my Mom this morning. It was exactly what we wanted and will remember it forever.
We had many comments from our family about how touching and thoughtful your words were.
Again, thank you so much.

Hi Wayne,

May I say once again how beautifully you conducted Mom’s farewell. I couldn’t have hoped for anything more.
You touched many hearts that day including mine. Please know that you have made a difference.
Kindest regards,
Rae and Family

Wayne, we want the THANK YOU for such a wonderful service. We think it sure opened some people's eyes as to what a Memorial service could be, and perhaps even should be! We had so many comments about you after… who are you and where did we find you! We're sad you were not able to join us at the reception.

I wrote my heart out in that tribute to my Mother, and you made her story come to life. I'd never have gotten through it without crying, and your storytelling abilities created such a wonderful atmosphere. There was some sadness, some laughing, but overall you were able to bring to life my memories and create a happy calm with dealing with the loss of my Mother.

We loved how you still made us part of what was going on without us having to face the emotions, panic and fears of being in front of people to tell the story ourselves.

And most importantly, I know our Mother was smiling down on us, perhaps with some disbelief that we actually remembered to include Stray Cat Strut, and was DANCING!

Our only regret of the day… that this fabulous service was not recorded so we could listen over and over and over again.

Sherry & Rob
Blaine & Chris

We really want to say thank you for your awesome service!! We really enjoyed you! It made it all a but easier! Thanks from my entire family!!

Kevin Anderson

Dear Wayne;
My name is Susan Brown. You officiated at my father’s funeral on Friday Sept. 13th at the Marlatt Funeral Home in Dundas.

On behalf of my mother Maggie, my family and our relatives, I sincerely thank you for your kind words, prayers and the “up beat” tone you set during the memorial. Many people commented on how personable you were and how you held their attention. You made us laugh at a time when we thought laughter would never be possible. My father would have appreciated it as he was a very jovial person, always singing, humming or whistling. It gave us comfort at a time when it was much needed.

So thank you Wayne, it was a pleasure to meet you and your kindness shown will be remembered.

Susan Brown & family.

Dear Wayne,

I attended Yvonne's service this morning and was so touched by how you led the service. It was absolutely beautiful and personal. You added the perfect amount of levity and Biblical comfort making it so personal to her life and the memories we share of her. Thank you for the gift of that today.

Heather Fleming


On behalf of the Lockwood family we would like to thank you once again for the wonderful service you gave in honour of our brother, August 17th. Your words comforted each and every one of us in a very special way. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Kathe and Larry Lockwood on behalf of the Lockwood Family

Dear Wayne,
I regret that I was not able to speak with you after the funeral of my mother, Vera Wolkowski. I would like to thank you on behalf of my family for the wonderful
words that you spoke. The manner in which you incorporated our memories in with prayer and scripture was very comforting. You have a true gift.
Thank you again.
Cathy Smith

First and foremost I would like to thank-you for a wonderful ceremony on Tuesday, April 30th at Ratz and Bechtel Funeral Home. Chuck would have been not only smiling but laughing from above.

I loved how you started the ceremony with an update on the weather and if it was a good day for flying. Gerry's eulogy was certainly unique and you "fed" off him and so many people assumed you had known us for years. It is too bad you are not affiliated with a church in the area because I would start attending (along with half of our friend's).

We never, ever expected the turnout we had (obviously or we would have rented a larger venue) but Chuck did touch many lives and was well loved. I apologize for not be able to find the time to talk to you after the ceremony and many people wanted to meet you.

What can I say except THANKS! Your contact information is being sent to many friends and family and if the kids ever get married I will be contacting you. Thanks for making a hard day just a bit easier



Hello Wayne,

Just a short thank you note for Jim’s memorial service.

Both my brother and sister felt like you did an excellent job, especially with the little information you had to work with.
But you really touched on the essence of what my father was about.
The feedback from the other family members at our luncheon was also very positive.

Once again thank you.




Dear Rev. Ken


On behalf of Tim MacLellan's family, we wish to extend our sincere thanks and gratitude to you for your service today for our brother Tim.


You very accurately portrayed our thoughts with sincere gentleness and humour;  everything was timely, well spoken and very inspiring and comforting for us.


Thank you again,

Barb Donovan and family.



Dear Reverend Ken

I know that sending a thank you note will not be enough for the deep gratitude that we reserve for you in honouring our beautiful Mom last Friday in the very special way you did, I am so pleased you were the "chosen one" that provided such an insightful, meaningful tribute on this day.
I know the road is long for healing however your contribution surely made the road shorter.
May God Bless and take good care.

Sharron K. Wazny



Dear Wayne,
I regret that I was not able to speak with you after the funeral of my mother, Vera Wolkowski. I would like to thank you on behalf of my family for the wonderful words that you spoke. The manner in which you incorporated our memories in with prayer and scripture was very comforting. You have a true gift.
Thank you again.
Cathy Smith



Hi Martti,

My siblings and I would like to Thank you so very much for the wonderful
service you gave in honour of our Mother, Franziska Prizrenac this past
Sunday. We thought you were wonderful, as well as many of the guests.
We really do appreciate all that you did.

Again, Thank you so much!
Linda, Dorothy, Nick and families.



Dear Rosanne,

I have been wanting to thank you with all my heart for the moving funeral/celebration of life of my mom, Doris Stacey that you conducted on November 3rd.

Many people commented on how perfect it was and how meaningful and comforting were your words.

I like the way you said to pick one quality we admired in Doris and try to imitate it. I picked 'listening' and have a bit of work to do but think of your words often.

Tyler, our director, and the staff at Sherrin's were so kind to us and recommended you highly, with good reason.

Our Yubley deserved a lovely service and we were not disappointed. The care you took to prepare a service to honour her strong faith, incorporate the music and reflect her exemplary life was evident.

Please accept our heart felt gratitude,
Dawn Miller and Family



Dear Wayne,

Thank you for facilitating and conducting Doug's service on January 10th in the Westview Chapel.
We appreciate your kindness in meeting with us and becoming acquainted with us as a family. We have received many positive comments in respect to the celebration of Doug's life. It was a fitting tribute to a man of integrity.

Carol Corsaut and family




Thank you so much for sharing your lovely, heartfelt words about Poppa. Your words were very meaningful and caring.

Thank you for giving us peace and a loving good-bye to our Dad.

All the best ...
Kelly, Treena, Travis & Maddie
Merion, David & Eric



Dear Wayne,

On behalf of my family, thank you so much for handling my late husbands funeral service. Having not met you before, we could hardly believe our good fortune in having a minister so appropriate. I was very aware of the laughter around me and my husband would have been pleased. I received many positive comments about you from our guests.

Thank you again for the personal interest you took in our family.

God Bless you and we wish you well.
Glenda Harvey



Dear Wayne,

Please accept the heartfelt thanks from all our family for helping us say good-bye to Harold.

Kindly accept this offering as a token of our appreciation.

Marg Robinson and family



Thank you again for the most comforting funeral service that I have ever been to. Your service for our Dad, had his personality down to a `tee`(lol).

You had humour, prayer and stories blended, so that everyone was listening and laughing and in turn reminded them of their own stories, which I had the chance to hear later on.

I am still receiving compliments on the idea of celebrating vs. mourning dads life.

We cannot thank you enough!
Anne, Larry, Taylor Davies and Mark Longchamps




Thank you for the masterful job you did in narrating Pam's life.

You captured Pam's love for life and family and laughter in a way that left everyone feeling honoured that Pam had crossed their paths.

Deepest Respect,
P Russell & family


Rev Wayne,

To say thank you for your guidance in laying our mother Sarah Driesman to rest on Thursday Jan 11th. Your words and manner were comforting to all of us.

Sarah's Children




We just wanted to thank you for the beautiful service for our dad John Youngs.  It was truly amazing!  Many of our friends and relatives kept asking who is he? Where did you find him?  My mom’s brother who like me converted to Catholic when he married came up to me and commented that you were better than a Catholic Priest!  My sisters friends from Beamsville  told her it was the best funeral service they had ever been to! Once again thanks for helping us through a very difficult day.




Hi Wayne,

The family thought you did a great job with the service! It was great to see modern technology incorporated into it by looking up facts from your phone! You did a wonderful job speaking comforting words during a difficult time. Thank you also for reading Jane’s words about his life, we enjoyed it.
Have a Merry Christmas.




Hi Wayne:


I just wanted to say thank you so much for doing the service.  While I would have liked a little of her history in there that was my mistake as I should have said so to you – It’s so hard having to do so much in such a short period of time in the middle of all that losing someone you loved.


At least 5 different people came up to me and asked how we found you to do the service and to say they thought you were amazing and how truly nice the service was. 


Again, many thanks for making a hard day much better and for saying, out of the blue, the only psalm I know by heart and love more than anything else in the bible.  This too, in my eyes, was another sign.


Blessings to you,



Hello Wayne

I did not get a chance to thank you for the excellent service you provided at my fathers celebration of life at Highland Funeral Home.  Your prior research with the family made the entire ceremony very relevant to my Dad and our family.  This was clearly reflected by numerous positive comments my sister Karen and I received over the following two days.

Again thank you very much for a job well done.

Regards, Russ

Good Morning Wayne:

Thank you so much for the service that you held for my Dad.
I cannot tell you how many people came up to us the express their pleasure listening to you. It's a great compliment when they tell you that they listened to every word that you spoke. 
Mark, Larry and I were very relaxed in the ceremony and were proud of his life story. You told it with humour and seemed to capture the real man. 
I found the day to be the best send-off that we could make for him and you helped make it that way.
With much appreciation,



Dear Wayne,


Your kind, caring, compassionate words you expressed during the memorial service for Mike Wilflin on September 24 was greatly appreciated by all.


Thank You, the Wilflin Family



Hello Martti Sue Potter here.


Just wanted to say thanks for the lovely service for my brother last Wednesday. Many people said how nice it was and a couple asked if you knew Mike personally.


Thanks, Sue Potter



Hi  Wayne,


Harve and I would like to thank you so much for the wonderful job you did today for our mom's service.  We have already had a few compliments on it being the best funeral they've ever attended.  We are sure we can speak for the rest of the family when saying we thought you were fantastic.  You made a difficult situation not so difficult and everyone felt at ease.  The whole family  can now rest at ease knowing we gave mom our very best send off  as she continues on her fantastic new journey.  We will miss her, but it does our heart good knowing that someday, we will meet again.


Thanks again


Linda & Harve Boltz

Hello Wayne,


We were so happy to have you as my Sister's Pastor,

We know  that Romona was also pleased looking down on us,

You did a wonderful job and we just wanted you to know how happy we are to have met you,

God's Blessings to you and your Family,




Hello Rosanne,


I wanted to thank you so much for doing such a lovely job at my mother’s services.  You took the time to get the feel of the type of woman my mom was which personalized the services.  I also appreciated the link you provided regarding resources on poems and such.  The one I selected which you read at the end of the eulogy fit her to a tee and the rest of the family thought so too.


Thanks for all your time and patience during this difficult time.


Avis G. Sinclair

Dear Rosanne

Thank you for conducting a wonderful service for our mother Shirley's memorial and for providing inspiration and comfort during a very difficult time.

We also appreciate you driving in from St. Thomas to perform the services. With warmest regards,

The Scime family


A huge thank you for leading the celebration of Linda's life! It is a great way to keep our happy memories alive. I smiled the whole day.

Thanks, Katherine


I would like to thank you for officiating at my husband, Danny's Remembrance Service on October 20. He was such a special person and would have appreciated all the loving and sometimes funny memories from his family & friends.

Sincerely, Mavis


I recently attended a small funeral for a family member of mine and you where the officiant. I felt you did an incredible job connecting with my family, and honouring my relative that had past. It was so well done and very special. I especially liked how you spoke…. I felt you were very gentle and genuine with your words. I also loved how you spoke and read from the scripture… with such conviction, understanding and passion… while also making the message current and relevant to those that may not be familiar with the scripture. I have been to many funerals and weddings and have to say you are the most memorable officiant I have seen.


Hello Wayne

Just a quick note to say a heartfelt thank you for the service today at the funeral for my father Jack Marges.
You helped make a difficult day for most of us to get through a lot easier.

Thank you.

Kathy Thompson & The Marges Family


I wanted to thank you for a fabulous job.  I think that you were destined to do this for my father. You picked up on the spirit of the occasion.  Your easy going approach is exactly how I wanted this to proceed and you put everyone at ease.  We had so many compliments about you, and how you made everyone feel comfortable.   Everyone loved the service, the speakers, the content the flow;  I believe our goal to celebrate my father’s life was accomplished.  People came to me who did not know my father, as they were friends of mine and never had a chance to meet him, said they felt they knew him after the service.  I must say that I have never been at a service where people feel good about things afterward.  My Dad is proud at this moment - I guarantee it.    I am proud of him and will miss him dearly.

Wayne – I will be retaining your contact information, and will recommend you to anyone I know.  Thank you again for being part, and helping us with this during this difficult time.



Hi, Wayne. I just wanted to reiterate how happy we were with the service yesterday. You not only heard me, but you heard me loud and clear...

There were many comments after from people saying what a lovely service it was.

Your communication skills are clearly extraordinary.

Would it be too corny to say you were heaven sent?

With sincere thanks,

Liz Crocket and family


Your service for my mother was inspired and absolutely perfect. My mother would have been very pleased. Thank you for coming at the last are a terrific Pastor.

Thea and family


Thank you for attending to my Father, George Le Blanc's funeral service so eloquently on September 16, 2009.

The manner in which you encapsulated the families' memories and sentiments regarding my Father was nothing less than BEAUTIFUL, indeed.

Your words and delivery style made a perfect send-off to a man who lived life full throttle every day.

Had we held a funeral service in his presence  while he was among us (as some families do), he would have outwardly discounted the words used to describe him. However, privately I believe he would have been moved and honoured by the Love of those present.

No doubt, he would have praised your contribution as Denise, Helen and I have done so.

As I stated in my brief eulogy, 'He always told me he would live until 100. Well, he put 100 years of living into 81 years. And, although he checked out early here, wherever he is the party has just begun'.

Please accept my sincere thanks for your wonderful, articulate, insightful and intelligent address in Celebrating the man who was known as 'George Le Blanc'.

I shall hold the memory of the day in my heart until it's my check-out time.

Until ...

Regards, Patrick



We just returned from London to Belleville this morning and I just want to tell you that I was greatly moved by your service. It blew me away. I know now that you were meant to be there . Thank you again. I spent the rest of today with my parents in Nappanee sharing your message..
The sun just came out for a moment and I know Doug is watching over us and is at peace ...

Ken S. Russell ( brother of Doug )

Dear Garry

We would  like to extend our thanks again for the service yesterday.  You did an amazing job, it was exactly what I wanted.  I had a lot of of positive comments and feedback from my family as well.  It was also great that you were able to stay awhile and chat.

Thanks Again,


Dear Wendy

There aren’t enough words I can use to tell you how much everything you had done for me in a very special day and all the comfort and blessing. My dear Phil would be so proud of you. I am sure he would had a very big hug for you, he was a very kind man. Missed him a lot. God bless you!

Sincerely Mary Perrott & family.

Dear Wayne:

Thanks so much for the beautiful service you gave for Gerry.  All of our friends and family appreciated it.  You have a beautiful way of making people feel calm.



Thank you so much for the wonderful service you did at my mom’s funeral.  It brought great comfort to all of us.

Kris & Wayne

Dear Rosanne:

We would like to express our sincere gratitude for the lovely service provided by you for our beloved.  With very short notice you were able to reflect on many of the personal details and qualities which characterized her.  Several of our relatives and friends have commented on the light but meaningful service which so aptly suited our mom.  The family sincerely appreciates your professionalism, kindness and guidance on that most difficult day.  Thank you.

The Family

Dear Rev. Prevett:

My family and I want to thank you again for the kind, respectful and thoughtful service you conducted for us – as I am sure Gordon was smiling his approval too.  Our family members and friends also expressed the same thoughts of you to us.  I realize it must be somewhat difficult when you have such little time to connect with the family’s thoughts and wishes but you captured ours completely.  Again our heartfelt thanks to you.

Florence & Family


My family and I would like to thank you for the lovely service you gave in celebrating George’s life.  Many of my friends have said what a great memorial for him…. thank you for making the celebration go so well and making us all comfortable with everything.



Words cannot begin to express our heartfelt appreciation for the beautiful service you provided forour husband and father.  You helped us through the most difficult day in all our lives with your thoughtful words commemorating his life.  So many people who were there were shocked to learn that you did not know him , as your reflections of his character captured the essence of who he was so well, resonating with those who knew him in life.  Your kindness and sensitivity to our needs will always be remembered.  With sincere thanks,

Joan & Family

Dear Rev. Wayne Prevett:

Thank- you so much for officiating the memorial service in memory of Wayne.  You truly helped us celebrate his life by focusing on the positive achievements of a life lived to the fullest.  You portrayed him as the wonderful man he was and I was very grateful of that.   Thank you again for a lovely service.


Dear Wayne

Thank you for a wonderful sermon, Jim would have been very happy with his service. You are just the kind of minister we would like to have. It is a real pleasure having met you.

Many thanks, Kathy

Dear Wayne,

I honestly can't thank you enough for the amazingly beautiful service you conducted for Baron's funeral. It truly was a celebration of his life and you helped to bring that to the forefront. I have had so many people ask me about you and who you are as they were awed by your talent and just how appropriate your words were. Once again, thank you!

Sharon and the girls

Pastor Prevett,

With sincere thanks for your thoughtful kindness our.  Our family greatly appreciated your kind and compassionate support during a difficult time.  Thank you so much.


Donna Romphf & Family

Thank you so much for your inspiring service for Elma Becker.  Our family and friends were very impressed with it.  Your business cards were very much in demand at days end.

Bubba, Patty & Family

Dear Wayne,

Thank you so much for the personal service you gave for my dad. I loved the message of God's Love, the promise of rainbows. You did a wonderful job of personalizing the service- people asked how long you had been a family friend. You are so gifted.

You also touched on our heavenly fathers love. My bible study friends are reading Experiencing Father's Embrace  by Jack Frost. Afterwards we were asking who talked to you about the book-because you touched on it so much. I will never be able to thank enough, but I will hold what you did close to my heart.

Mary Vandermeer

Rev. Wayne Prevett,

Thank you for your kind words and thoughts about my husband Wayne Bradley. You did a wonderful job with his service.

Sincerely, Lisa Bradley and family

Dear Rev. Prevett,

Your kind words and caring were very much appreciated by the family. You have made a difference in our otherwise bleak time. Thank you for your caring.

Janice Dolliver

Dear Rev. Prevett

I wanted to say thank-you and to tell you what a lovely job you did at my mother's funeral.  You seem like a very kind and gentle woman very much like my mom. 

Thank-you so much., Debbie Patton & Family